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A question for our readers…….

We here at Out the Gap are not known for our traditional Irish music,  as we specialize in different forms of music.we are wondering how many of you like trad music?



Local Bands

Here at Out the Gap we like to highlight local talent that avail of our studios and practice spaces.  So lets get to it introducing another fantastic band from Killarney Conan’s Mob.

Conans Mob practice session in Killarney

Conan’s Mob are punk rock band hailing from Killarney. The band was formed when the guys were still in secondary school. They have struggled for years to get practice spaces.  The above picture was taken when they were practicing in a nightclub once a week this went on for nearly a year. They had to move the gear every time they needed to practice. Nightmare! Not any more thanks to us here at Out the Gap where  we provide sound proofed practice areas. The guys have now found a permanent  place  to practice. You can check out more about the band on their Facebook page


A question for our readers……

Here is a little poll for our followers. We would love to know how many of you play musical instruments.  Did you know at Out the Gap, we provide a  wide range of services? Not only can you practice in our sound proof rooms you can also record your own music! We also provide music lessons for budding musicians , its never too late!