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Local Bands

Here at Out the Gap we like to highlight local talent that avail of our studios and practice spaces.  So lets get to it introducing another fantastic band from Killarney Conan’s Mob.

Conans Mob practice session in Killarney

Conan’s Mob are punk rock band hailing from Killarney. The band was formed when the guys were still in secondary school. They have struggled for years to get practice spaces.  The above picture was taken when they were practicing in a nightclub once a week this went on for nearly a year. They had to move the gear every time they needed to practice. Nightmare! Not any more thanks to us here at Out the Gap where  we provide sound proofed practice areas. The guys have now found a permanent  place  to practice. You can check out more about the band on their Facebook page



Music we like …. Classics

In this series of posts we look at the albums you really should have in your record collection! This is The Smiths 1986 album The Queen is Dead and again we can’t pick just one song off of it!

Amazing Studios

In this series of new posts, we hope to highlight some amazing recording studios.  We want to use this blog to connect with people all over the world and hopefully encourage them to come and visit us! I would love to build this in our back garden  but I’m not sure what the neighbours would say! Here at Out the Gap we offer fully soundproofed rooms where you won’t have that problem.  And with only a few minutes walk to the national park you can get your outdoor fix too!

This place looks amazing though!